About Us

The Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project (CAMP) is a think tank dedicated to addressing the issues caused by monopoly power in Canada. CAMP produces research and advocates for policy proposals to make Canada’s economy more fair, free, and democratic.

Our Team

Keldon Bester

Keldon Bester is a co-founder of CAMP, a CIGI Fellow and an independent consultant and researcher working on issues of competition and monopoly power in Canada. Keldon has worked as a Special Advisor at the Competition Bureau, and as a Fellow at the Open Markets Institute.

Our Board

Robin Shaban

Robin Shaban is a co-founder of CAMP, co-founder and senior economist at Vivic Research, and a research associate a the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. They were named a winner of the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business 2021 Changemakers award and are a former officer at the Competition Bureau.

Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron is a co-founder of CAMP, founder of the Center for Small Town Success, and host of the podcast Monopolies Killed My Hometown. Andrew is the Vice President of Northumberland Properties, a business he founded with his father in 2010. Andrew is passionate about understanding how competition policy has decimated small businesses and stolen the ability for small towns to make decisions about their future.

Our Supporters


As a non-profit think tank, CAMP relies on donations, grants, and gifts from individuals and organizations aligned with our vision to support our work. CAMP’s work will always be driven by the fight against monopoly and for a more fair, free, and democratic economy, and any funding received will only go to further that vision.

We are grateful for pro bono support from many others behind the scenes, and we are currently in the process of building our Advisory Board.

Transparency in Funding

CAMP will make public all supporters who contribute $5,000 or more per year. Any funding directed towards specific reports, research, or events will be made explicit, allowing the audience to make their own judgements on its impact on our work.

CAMP will accept anonymous donations for general support only if it is clear that safeguards are in place to ensure the use of that donation is fully within CAMP’s independent control.

Transparency in Discussion

CAMP interacts with a wide range of actors in Canada’s policy space from advocates, academics, policy makers, and public servants. To allow for free flowing discussion, CAMP conducts non-public events under the Chatham House Rule.

Current Funders

Open Society Foundations

Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

Salal Foundation

Globalive Capital Inc.