Only reform of Canada’s competition law can prevent another Rogers-Shaw

CAMP statement in response to Minister Champagne’s Approval of Rogers-Shaw:

On March 31, 2023, Minister Champagne announced his approval of the Rogers-Shaw takeover. After an unsuccessful challenge by the Competition Bureau in front of the Competition Tribunal and Federal Court of Appeal, Minister Champagne’s approval was the last opportunity for Canadians to have a say in the monumental telecommunications merger. The Canadian Anti-Monopoly Project (CAMP) released the following statement:

“Minister Champagne’s approval closes the book on the two year Rogers-Shaw saga, leaving Canadians with one less telecommunications provider and the future of wireless competition uncertain,” said Keldon Bester, CAMP co-founder. “Though the Minister’s commitments and penalties are a positive step, our laws have once again traded away actually existing competition for the promise of a new competitor, handpicked by a dominant incumbent. Canada must act quickly to reform our permissive approach to these harmful mergers to prevent this from ever happening again.”