CAMP’s submission to The Future of Competition Policy in Canada

The power of monopolies in Canada has exacerbated an ongoing cost of living crisis, enriched few at the expense of millions, and stifled innovation and creativity in our economy.

Canada needs a robust anti-monopoly law that meets the challenge posed by our economic environment, curbs the exercise of corporate power against Canadians and protects economic fairness. Reforming the Competition Act gives us the opportunity to change our current trajectory and foster an economy that works for all Canadians.

ISED’s consultation on the future of the Competition Act is an important milestone on the journey towards such an economy. In its submission to the consultation, CAMP outlines a program of reform that would allow policy makers to better protect Canadians and competition by:

  • Emboldening the Competition Act’s Purpose Clause
  • Introducing stronger rules to block and deter harmful mergers
  • Revitalizing protections against corporations abusing their dominance
  • Creating a strong and transparent enforcement framework

Read the full submission here.