CAMP Calls on Competition Bureau to Protect Competition in Markets for Artificial Intelligence

Today, CAMP submitted a response to the Competition Bureau’s call for information on artificial intelligence (AI) and competition. CAMP welcomes the Bureau’s attention on these important and evolving markets. Just as important as tackling existing monopolies in the Canadian economy, the Bureau should also prevent the development of monopolies in the first place. To do so, the Bureau must maintain a current understanding of market conditions, especially in emerging and fast-moving markets.

To protect and promote competition in the markets for AI, CAMP recommends the Bureau:

  • Use its new formal market study powers to better understand the current state and direction of competition in the market for AI
  • Investigate whether partnerships with upstart AI firms are providing major tech firms undue influence on competition and whether these partnerships constitute acquisitions by stealth
  • Identify ways in which AI capabilities are being used to engage in anticompetitive conduct

You can read the full submission here.