About Monopoly

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Monopoly and Labour in Canada

Competition has important implications for the 20 million workers in Canada today. Competitive labour markets lead to higher wages, better working conditions, benefits, and other non-monetary forms of compensation. In competitive labour markets, workers have options for where to work. When workers feel they are not being compensated or treated

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Monopoly and Mergers in Canada

Effective merger control is the cornerstone of protecting Canadians from monopoly power. Mergers allow dominant firms to buy up their rivals, increasing the power they hold over a market and reducing options for consumers and businesses. Mergers are a key avenue reducing competitive intensity, and are often accompanied by higher

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Monopoly and small towns in Canada

While monopoly can affect all Canadians, small towns and communities are often on the front lines of the consequences of market power. Small and remote communities in Canada often have the least choice for needed goods and services, making them more vulnerable to anti-competitive practices and consolidation. Small towns are

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