Canadians Deserve Laws That Better Protect Competition

Last Tuesday, two days before parties in the Rogers-Shaw merger entered a second round of mediation to attempt to address competition concerns, Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne laid out the conditions needed for his department to approve the deal, paving the way for a settlement and undermining the Competition Bureau’s ongoing efforts to block the transaction […]

Merger Policy for a Dynamic and Digital Canadian Economy

As an element of competition and antitrust law frameworks, merger policy plays an important role in preventing acquisitions that would otherwise allow incumbent firms to extinguish competitive threats and entrench their dominance. But evidence suggests that current approaches to merger law in Canada and abroad have underestimated the harms these transactions can pose to competition […]

Joint Statement on the Competition Act Review Consultation

On February 7, 2022, the federal government announced plans to review the Competition Act – Canada’s key legislation for addressing monopoly power. As part of our mandate to support individuals and organizations in navigating and reforming Canadian competition law, CAMP has brought together advocates, researchers, and scholars to answer the question: what is needed from […]

Rogers outage demonstrates Canada’s misplaced focus on efficiency in its competition law

CAMP statement in response to Rogers’ outage: “Today’s nationwide outage of the Rogers network showcases the far-reaching effects of Canada’s oligopoly telecommunication markets, and the consequences of our misguided focus on efficiency over resilience in our competition law and other areas of economic policy. The economic and social costs of this event are a reminder […]

Competition Policy Series: The Competition Act and Canada’s Digital Future

Digital technologies are reshaping markets in many profound ways, and these changes are creating new challenges for competition authorities. As Canada looks ahead to a consultation on the modernization of the Competition Act, now is the right time to discuss why competition matters, why the Competition Bureau and the Competition Act are critical to our […]

Canada’s Budget 2022 Offers Competition Reforms, but the Real Fight Lies Ahead

Tucked in the middle of the Government of Canada’s 500-page Budget Implementation Act, 2022, No. 1 — Bill C-19, tabled in Parliament in April — are the first material amendments to Canada’s Competition Act in more than a decade. The amendments follow through on Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne’s statement in early […]

On Rogers-Shaw, Canada’s Competition Watchdog Should Heed Parliament’s Advice

Momentum is building for Rogers to offer the sale of Shaw’s Freedom Mobile business as a solution to Competition Bureau concerns about the proposed $26 billion merger of the two telecom giants. Rogers is reportedly engaging potential buyers, including the founder of Freedom’s predecessor Wind Mobile, and reports suggest the federal government is testing the […]

Report Reveals the Extent of Canada’s Competition Problem

Earlier this month, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne announced his intention to review Canada’s Competition Act, beginning with potential near-term changes to address wage fixing, deceptive pricing practices and Canada’s anemic penalties for anti-competitive conduct. The day after the announcement, the Competition Bureau released its submission to Senator Howard Wetston’s recent consultation […]